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How to Stop Exam Stress

& Exam Anxiety

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Stop Exam Anxiety & Exam Nerves
How to stop exam anxiety

Many students encounter exam stress. Naturally, exams are a big deal for a student so you may be encountering your own exam anxiety or exam nerves. Exams can be a make or break situation, particularly after a long period of learning. Whether it is for School, College, University, Professional qualifications or your driving test, being relaxed under examination conditions makes a massive difference to the outcome. The right mindset creates the best outcome.

Nick Warburton was a college lecturer for 20 years and has worked with thousands of students, taught them and prepared them for their exams. With Nick's education experience and his Jedi mind skills to stop your anxiety and prevent exam stress, he can create a rapid and effective solution for you and your exams situation.

Nick has created a 30 minute programme to work directly with you via video call on Zoom or Skype that will ease your concerns, stop your anxiety and relax your nerves. Only £59 for a 30 minute online 1 to 1 session.

There are 2 types of stress: Eustress and Distress.

Eustress is good. It is the excited and alert feeling you get before something great, like the start of a race or before going on holiday. Think of it as an excited nervousness.

Distress is bad. It is the cause of your exam anxiety and nerves. It's what can cause you to freeze, be fearful or suffer 'Brain-fog' where your mind goes blank; something you really don't need right now!

Imagine how it would feel to feel free of your exam anxiety and pressure. Imagine yourself having the skills to be on top of it all, so the rest of your exams go smoothly. To walk into your exam feeling relaxed, mentally alert and feeling the good Eustress within you.

Through the rapid and effective tips and techniques that Nick will teach you, you too can have these useful and effective skills that will last you a lifetime and stop your exam anxiety.

Suitable for anyone with exam anxiety, whether at school, college, university or external exams, anywhere in the world. Being anxious about exams is serious and has subsequent, negative effects, so we need to prevent it happening to you or your child now.

The 30 minute session is only £59 and payable by either BACS or PayPal. A real investment in both your current and future studies.

Contact Nick now and book your 30 minute session. Let's get started!

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