About Nick Warburton

Anxiety & Trauma Specialist

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About Nick Warburton

Anxiety & Trauma Specialist

Nick Warburton - Anxiety Specialist - Trauma Therapy
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Practitioner, Trainer, Author, Father, Photographer, Keen Baker.

Nick Warburton has lived the majority of his life in the beautiful English town of Ludlow, South Shropshire.

An Educator

Originally trained as an automotive engineer, Nick became a College Lecturer in the subject working with students from their teenage years and upwards to mature students. Nick learned how to teach and communicate concepts with simplicity and in a fun way that people understood. Working with children and adults from many backgrounds and varying abilities, he learned to understand their personal situations and the reasons for certain behaviour. With this training, and understanding of human behaviour and of their psychology, sparked a specific interest in mindset and motivation. Nick continued to work in education for 20 years, gaining a great deal of useful experience. Through this time, the all too common effects of teacher stress took their toll and Nick experienced first hand, mental wellbeing issues and he felt that he needed to follow a different path and to be on the road to better health. That new path became an amazing and enlightening journey for him that now benefits you and your situation.

An opportunity to assist and enable others

Nick continued to help people through his ability to do life coaching for people. He found he could use his educational, business and presentation skills to help people move forwards and so improvemymindset.com was created. The challenge he encountered in some instances was that some people, no matter what lessons could be given, wouldn't/couldn't move forward due to their inner voice creating doubt or they had fear of doing things differently. Nick needed to find a way to eradicate their negative inner voice and so he searched for a suitable method. He discovered a wonderful system called Psy-TaP (PSYchosensory-Techniques And Principles) and this fitted his needs perfectly. Psy-TaP is a rapid and highly effective modality which Nick trained in and became a Certificated Practitioner in 2018, training with and alongside some of the best in the industry. This meant that he could now work with clients for psychological issues such as trauma, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and phobias too. Nick continues his research and personal learning and recently became a licensed trainer of the Psy-TaP Trauma Release methodology. He is now one of only a few trainers of this methodology in the world.

Experienced & well trained

Nick continues his research to learn more about his niche and specialism to then provide a premium and bespoke service that's ideal for you and your situation.

"I love what I do. I always strive to create solutions for people and Psy-TaP enables me to rapidly remove the inner barriers, voices or trauma that prevents you from moving forwards. To see my client become relaxed, their trauma vanish and their self-confidence escalate is extremely rewarding and satisfying. I want to assist as many people as possible and I'm able to do that, not only in person, but via video call like Zoom or Skype, which is wonderful!"

Nick has also worked in the Occupational Health sector as an Operations Manager for Mental Wellbeing. This has enabled him to work with SMEs and major global corporations (Car manufacturers, train operators and energy companies, to name a few), to identify, manage and facilitate training for their management and staff. Nick now brings his training, experience and expertise to provide his own modern and effective ways to create great positive mental wellbeing and mental resilience for your company using his 'Calm Company' programmes. The 'Calm Company' programmes have been proven to make a major positive difference to staff wellbeing, from shopfloor to management and improve company productivity.

Making you feel calm and at ease

You will find Nick is a calm, positive individual with great empathy and who has a way to make you feel very at ease. Having been through issues himself in the past, he can understand and relate to what it is like to have personal issues/challenges and uses his knowledge and experience to your advantage. His treatment sessions are light and aren't a harrowing, drawn-out experience like some other treatments or therapies can be. His favourite sessions are what he refers to as 'T2L' or 'Tears 2 Laughter'. This means that the fast and effective treatment from Nick Warburton and Psy-TaP clears the trauma and empowers the client, with them finishing with a big smile and a new life ahead! Have a look at his Resources page where you'll find many useful videos and info sheets to experience how Nick works and how he will enable you to move forwards. He always wants his clients to feel comfortable and safe when working with him.

Different ways to make a difference

Nick achieved a long desire to become an author. He created the concept of a children's book that contained a treatment within the story. The Phuntec brand stories began, the first of which is 'Timid Turtle & His Bag Of Worries'. Writing in partnership with Kevin Laye, this new concept in children's story contains Psy-TaP techniques Nick uses to enable treatment. The story has already gained a great global following and is making a positive difference. It is the first in many stories to come. There's a complete school lesson version of the story available so that it can be taught in the classroom. Click the link to visit the website and learn more about Phuntec and Timid Turtle.

Nick has also contributed his knowledge, content and techniques to several mental health issue books. He is a firm believer that the more people understand what can be done toward better mental health and wellbeing, the better the world can be.

Many happy clients

You can read the many happy testimonies Nick has received from his clients. Click for the Testimonials page to read about the difference he has made for others and can create working with you too.

Contact Nick now to discuss your situation and let's make a difference.

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