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How to stop anxiety

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Anxiety, Stress & Trauma Treatment

Do you feel out of control or overwhelmed by a feeling inside?

Have you?...

Tried the 'usual' methods

Tried hiding/ignoring it

Tried almost everything!

Have you experienced?...


Low Self-esteem

Lack of confidence

Anxiety or panic attacks


Self-conscious & self-critical

Constant thought loops

Binge eating

Excessive Smoking

Excessive Drinking

Sugar addiction


Comfort eating

Is it negatively affecting?...

Your health

Your mood

Your home-life

Your work

Your relationships

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Does your Anxiety or Trauma stop you from being the real you?

Trauma and anxiety

Trauma & Anxiety takes many forms

How to stop anxiety

Would you like to be free from anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD or stress without using medication, be fully in control of the inner you and have this done potentially in just one session?

Having the feelings of anxiety, panic attacks and stress can really cause problems with your health, self-esteem and confidence, both at home, socially and at work. It begins to rule your life, often the feeling will get worse and we begin to make excuses to not go out or to avoid situations. We shrink away and can even become depressed. The negative spiral goes downwards and this can, in turn, unintentionally affect those around you and can cloud the decisions you make (what we call brain-fog).

There are many reasons why someone struggles to control their feelings and emotions and this can lead to a state of being overwhelmed to the point of an internal battle in your mind. Be assured that you are not alone and it is more common than you may think. It can happen at any age too and affects both children and adults alike. The thought loops within trauma can create immense upset and turmoil to your mind. Reliving a moment as if it is happening now and still in the moment, often with the feelings driving other emotions and responses too.

People have these internal battles for lots of reasons. You may have had a traumatic experience that stops you getting back in control of your habits, or just the thought of a situation may create anticipatory anxiety. There may be a recognised trigger or scenario, yet for some they feel like they are on a constant 'Red Alert' and their internal radar scanning ahead for any potential threat. Due to how the brain works in this state, it will find the next trigger and these often become more common and even simple things start to become an anxiety trigger.

Trauma therapy  -

Taking care of you

Your health is also affected due to the amount of Cortisol (the bad, stress-related chemical) your body releases. This chemical can lead to other health issues and can create the environment for the susceptibility to illness and disease. It might be that you find you are overcome by an urge or addiction to excessively eat, smoke, drink, take drugs or a combination, when really you should feel calm. Your sleep is likely to be affected too and so you become more tired and this then makes you more susceptible to being irritable/emotional, making poor decisions and more anxious. You often get 'Brain-fog' which slows your thinking or creates confusion. Oh, and you may worry excessively too! (See the thought loop pattern happening?!). Is it any wonder you feel the way you do?

There are many different methods of how to stop anxiety, some natural, some taught in systems like CBT or Counselling, or 'coping' techniques. However, 'coping' is not enough and not the right solution. Why should you have to 'cope'?! I see many people or 'experts' talking about 'Coping Mechanisms'. To me, that isn't enough for you. I'm here to enable you to take control, rapidly and effectively and stop your downward spiral. There are other methods available in the therapy world to 'cope' with your situation. Often prescribed medication has been issued or perhaps numerous CBT or counseling sessions. However, I firmly believe these are not ideal. Medication isn't always the answer, especially long-term, so I look to create a solution of removing your trauma so there's no need to 'cope'. Then a doctor may consider your medication no longer necessary. Your body contains its own amazing chemistry set, so let's access and utilise those in the best way while altering your neuro-pathways too.

Counseling or CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for 'coping' with anxiety, stress and panic attacks, in my personal opinion, does not remove the root cause from where it is attached in your brain. You end up having numerous sessions with them where you are made to repeatedly relive the traumatic 'event'. Why would you want to relive that event over and over again in a counseling session when that is what is causing the suffering in the first place?! Talking therapies have limited effectiveness and limited longevity as they simply don't shift the trauma that is residing in your brain. We want your trauma, anxiety and panic attacks gone as soon as possible! You've been through more than enough already with your trauma.

Let's work together to make a difference

Being in control of your thoughts and emotions enables you to focus on the rest of your life. The fact that you are at my website and taking the time to read this information means that you actively want positive changes in your life. The great thing is that now you are here, you have already started that decision process, so let's work together now to rapidly remove your trauma and enable you to achieve your goals and desires and lead the life you want, trauma-free.

We can rapidly and effectively remove your trauma and alter the thought loops or neuro-pathways in your brain. Have a look at my information videos and info sheets on the Resources page and learn more about how we can work together and then you can contact me.

I strive to improve my client's life in our session. I trained to be a Certificated Practitioner of Psy-TaP Treatment, which means I can rapidly eradicate or alleviate your anxiety, stress or trauma issues, often in just one session. The majority of the clients I work with come to me for trauma and anxiety treatment, although I can treat other conditions too, like fears and phobias. Sometimes, I am their last resort, as they have tried all the other methods out there to no avail and then they wish they had come to me first! I wish they had too, as it would have saved them a lot of time, money and above all, suffering. I can fully understand and sympathise with people's personal issues around these distressing barriers. Therefore, I'm able to tailor-make, what I feel, is the best possible treatment to address your situation and needs. I have worked with clients both in the UK and overseas via video call to rapidly take their stress, fears, anxiety, or other traumatic issues away and then create a new confidence in them. Would you like that too?

Just suppose that you no longer had anxiety..

How would it feel to be free of your current chains and trauma? What would you now be able to achieve? How would it change your life?

We can work together to make these positive changes happen. I work with children, teenagers and adults, either in person or (the majority of my clients) just as effectively online via video call, as it really doesn't matter where you are in the world. As I tell my clients, "There's always a way".

I love seeing the rapid and positive change in clients when we work together and your case may be no exception. I must say that I'm not a Guru (as I've been called this in lovely testimonials), I'm just a well-trained and experienced Psy-TaP Jedi (Jedi, due to our mind-skills). I have also been called a 'beauty therapist' by clients! I am flattered and humbled by the feedback I get. I can be a beauty therapist to them because, after the session with me, people see themselves differently and they can physically look lighter in their face and it is common for the client's posture to alter as well with their shoulders no longer being hunched and now standing tall. Often, any stress-related edema (swelling/water retention) under the eyes can rapidly dissipate and as less energy is required to fuel the 'trauma state' of the brain, so weight control and diet become easier too. You'll smile more and so now you are feeling beautiful on the inside it radiates to the outside. The 'Brain-fog' clears away too. The key factor is to remove the root cause of your psychological issue. Watch my information video about 'The Trauma Tree', below and it should then make more sense as to what is happening to you, how your emotions are being driven and why what I do when working with you in my session is so very rapid and effective.

The Trauma Tree

What's involved in stopping anxiety?

Once we have booked a session, to be done via video call, we will work together to break your chains that hold you back. We can often be done in just one session of about 90 mins. In my session you will understand what happens in your mind to cause the feelings you have, we will do the treatment process and then I will teach you how to maintain a great life and a positive mindset with your bespoke, ongoing neuro-health regime of brain exercises. These only take 5 minutes in your day, yet create great mental wellbeing and resilience.

Psy-TaP is a highly effective and rapid method of treatment and I'm very proud to be a Certificated Practitioner and a qualified Trauma Release Trainer. I'm very passionate about what I do as Psy-TaP is not just another hypnotherapy, CBT or counselling method. It's about rapidly removing the trauma (the root cause), separating the emotions from the event and banishing your defensive responses such as fears, anxiety and panic attacks. I am very passionate about my work and love to see people overcome their psychological barriers. I get to be the first person to see their smiling face after the treatment session (a perk of the job for me!).

Payment for treatment is safe and secure via BACS transfer or PayPal. I offer a premium service and I'm confident you will see the value in you being able to be back in control of your thoughts, emotions and to feel calm again. How much have you already spent in time and money on books, treatments, counselling, subscriptions and supplements to try to achieve to stop anxiety and have a low-stress or trauma-free life and yet still couldn't find the solution? How much value will not having the trauma anymore mean to your life once you've worked with me?

The benefits of working with me is that the treatment is rapid and effective and you'll feel improved the same day. You will feel lighter as the weight of the issue/trauma is taken away from you and off your shoulders. How would it feel to no longer have your issue? By all means look at any alternative therapy and treatments out there, however, may I suggest you ask/check how long their course of treatment takes, their proven effectiveness and is there any supporting evidence. I am happy and able to support my methods with scientific and factual evidence. Have a look at the wonderful feedback that I'm proud of and honoured to have been given by my previous clients on my Testimonials page.

What's the next step?

Please feel free to get in contact, either by email or phone. There is the option to book a free 20 minute consultation call. We can discuss, in confidence, the best solution for you and then potentially book a suitable date and time for your treatment session. Having the versatility of your treatment via video call (Zoom or Skype) enables your session to fit in with you, no matter where you are in the world, so that it is easy, comfortable and safe.

I look forward to hearing from you. Let's take the next step... Click the Contact Nick button, below.

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