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Information Sheets and Videos to enable you to understand more about anxiety & trauma.


Free information sheets and videos created by Nick Warburton, so you can understand more

about your Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Trauma and how they can be rapidly treated working with Nick.

How to stop a panic attack

Fast intervention for Anxiety & Panic attacks

what is anxiety? Anxiety checklist

Your checklist for Anxiety & Stress

how does stress affect the body

How Stress Hormones affect your body

sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system

How your Nervous System responds

The Trauma Tree

& How to remove it

Using the rapid and effective method of Psy_TaP to remove trauma and its associated issues, like anxiety, fears and phobias

Stop Anxiety - Relief in only 20 seconds

An excellent method that supports what Nick does within the Psy-TaP treatment to rapidly reduce stress and make changes in your brain.

Collarbone Breathing - A feel good exercise

Feel calm and relaxed. Nick teaches you the ideal breathing exercise to set you up for the day ahead, or as and when you need it.

How to get to sleep.

Overcome Insomnia

Nick's useful tips, techniques and information that will help you get to sleep when everything else seems to fail you.

How I use Psy-TaP for your Trauma removal

Nick explains what happens in a traumatic event and what needs to be done to put things right in your brain using his Psy-TaP techniques.

Treatment can be done online via Zoom/Skype

It doesn't matter where you are in the world as we can work together to do your treatment session via video call on either Zoom or Skype.

The Power of Psy-TaP

with Dr Peter Chan

Discussing the rapid and effective results Nick gets using his Psy-TaP methods as an alternative to the usual Healthcare systems/methods.

Comparisons, Coughing & Car Parks!

Nick explains about when you have a bad day that only seems to get worse and the times when you start to compare yourself to others.

Easy - Comfortable - Safe

If, after watching Nick Warburton's videos and reading the information sheets, you now feel that you want to work together to remove your psychological issues and barriers, then please feel free to contact him. You can then take the next step towards you being the person you want and should be.

It is very common when working with Nick for a client's issues or barriers to be dealt with in only 1 session. The session will be done via video call like Zoom or Skype. This means that Nick can work with clients globally, or outside of your busy working day while staying in the comfort and safety of your own home. No travel, no anxiety, no going to unknown places. After all, if you have anxiety or panic attacks, why would you want to travel to somewhere you haven't been before?!

Let's discuss the best tailor-made solution for you. Let's make the positive difference happen, your anxiety gone and your trauma disappear. How would it feel to feel free? Do you want to make that happen? Let's get started. Contact Nick now.

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