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Timid Turtle & His Bag Of Worries

Timid Turtle, or Tim for short, is a youngster who can become anxious at certain situations and retreats into his shell. He carries a bag of worries with him wherever he goes, but with the right help and support from those around him, Tim manages to overcome his fears and no longer has a full bag of worries.

Download and read the story about Tim and learn how you can stop your anxious feelings too. The book is free to download and use. All we ask for is a donation to our chosen charity.

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A story to reduce a child's worries or anxiety

The Phuntec stories have been created to help children learn how to overcome their own troubles and barriers. With beautiful, easy to follow stories that also teach rapid methods to feel better, the Phuntec methods can make a great difference. We have lots of fun resources for both home and school on our main website at Join us there and help treat them to a story.

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