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Nick Warburton

Anxiety & Trauma Specialist

Via online video call

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Stop Anxiety, Stress & Trauma.

Rapid & Effective Change.

Also Corporate Wellbeing & Resilience

Anxiety & Trauma Release

Let's rapidly stop anxiety, stress or phobia by removing your inner trauma and creating a new mindset. Via a video call from the comfort of your own home.

Life Empowerment Programme

Let's work together to realise your true potential through a special bespoke programme of monthly online Personal Development coaching sessions.

Removing Your Barriers & Empowering You To Achieve

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Are personal issues, barriers or mindset controlling your life?

Have you tried the usual mainstream therapies with no results?

Have you tried session after session and not moved forward?

How would it feel to be free and be the best you can be?

Rapidly become the real you.

Remove your inner issues & barriers.

Be free of anxiety, trauma & panic attacks.

Rid yourself of unhealthy stress & negativity.

Stop bad feelings & emotions that are dictating your life.

Stop self-sabotage, lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem.

Anxiety & Trauma Release

Rapid removal of anxiety, panic attacks and trauma, either by video call or in person. General anxiety, Child anxiety, Driving anxiety & Motorway driving anxiety, Exam anxiety.

Life Empowerment Programme

Empowering your life from good to great through monthly 1 to 1 online coaching and training.

Calm Company

Mental Wellbeing & Resilience for the Corporate Sector. Programmes for a better, calm and productive workplace environment.

Calm Class

Mental Wellbeing and Resilience for both education staff and students in school, college or university.

Calm Personality

Rapid removal of stage fright & performance anxiety. Confidence issues can prevent you from realising your true talent.

Let's work together

I work with both adults and children. I strive to make it easy for you to change for the better. Let's work together via a video call and rapidly overcome your inner issues and barriers, assist in your self-improvement and create a new self-confidence. Let's enable what you really desire and have you go forward feeling free, full of positivity and with a new found confidence. Once we have cleared your anxiety, trauma phobia, or other issues, I will teach you a new, easy to do neuro-health regime to maintain your new positivity and freedom from the negative thoughts you had. Let's work together online with my painless, distress-free methods that will rapidly provide the solutions for you and your situation.

Be the best of you. Feel AMAZING!



Panic attacks





About Nick Warburton

Nick Warburton trained and became a Certificated Psy-TaP Practitioner in 2018, training with and alongside some of the best in the industry. This meant that he can treat psychological issues such as trauma, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and phobias too. Nick continues to research and learn more about his niche and specialism to provide a premium and bespoke service to his clients. He works both for private and corporate clients. Nick further progressed to become a qualified Psy-TaP Trauma Release Trainer in 2022, one of only 5 Licenced trainers in the world!


“...Lots of people noticing the change in me...I went back to the Doctor's today and she was amazed at the transformation, so I shall send/drop off your info (which she asked for!)...”

Anxiety & depression, Rapid single session.

“This man can work miracles! Highly recommended. Should have contacted him months ago!.”

Rapid intervention of a son's severe anxiety & panic attacks via video call.

“I suffered verbal and physical abuse for 10 years and totally lost confidence. I blamed myself for everything. After just 1 session with Nick, I feel calm and know it was not my fault. I now feel confident again and totally relaxed. I had my first great night's sleep that night.”

Rapid single session.

Online Resources

How to stop anxiety


Learn more about Nick Warburton, what he does and the methods he uses to rapidly treat your issues and barriers.

Why anxiety happens

Information Sheets

Nick has created an array of pdf info sheets and free downloads to assist you in learning more about your situation.

Child anxiety therapy

Timid Turtle

'Timid Turtle and his bag of worries', a fun and active way to reduce a child's worries or anxiety.

What's involved to stop my issue?

1) Find the most relevant page here associated with your issue, so that you can learn more about how Nick will work with you to remove it.

2) Visit the Resources page to see the info sheets and videos. 'The Trauma Tree' video is particularly helpful in understanding more about your situation and how Nick works.

3) Contact Nick, ideally via email and you can then arrange to discuss the best way forward and look at a tailored solution. Once agreed, an appointment can be made for your session.

4) Attend your session and become free of your issues and barriers and then be taught how to live your life with a new free-thinking mindset and great personal wellbeing skills.

You've suffered enough already, so let's work together.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to make the right decision to work with me and rapidly remove your issue. You have suffered enough already and you don't need to be trawling the internet looking for endless how to stop anxiety methods.

We will work together to break your chains and it can normally be done in just one session. In the session, I will enable you to understand what happens within your brain, we will do the treatment process and then I will teach you how to continue forward in life in a new and positive way and now free of your issue.

Psy-TaP is a highly effective and rapid method of treatment and I'm very proud to be a Certificated Practitioner and trainer. I am very passionate about what I do. Psy-TaP is not just another hypnotherapy, CBT or counseling session. Just because other treatments may take many sessions to attempt success, doesn't mean all methods are slow or limited. My treatment method is about rapidly removing your issue, negative emotions and barriers, as well as working together to positively improve your future.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Let's Create Your Solution Today!

Easy - Comfortable - Safe

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